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      Our philosophy is based on using developmentally appropriate practices. We provide children with daily experiences that help them grow and develop positive feelings about themselves, their families, and their community. We apply this philosophy and adhere to our mission,
      “Working together to provide a secure nurturing environment for children and families.”
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      • Maintaining a trained and competent staff that enjoy teaching, communicating and engaging in activity with children and families

      • Providing opportunities and activities within a curriculum framework that are of interest, and offer learning experiences for children that are age appropriate and stimulate all domains of growth and development

      • Encouraging and nurturing children to enable them to become independent, secure and comfortable in their environment

      • Offering a daily routine that is designed to meet the developmental needs of the growing child

      • Providing nutritional meals & snacks served in a family style setting

      • Promoting positive social interaction and social learning

      • Working with parents and families to develop a partnership to support children

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