Toddler Care Ages 1 year to 3 years

During the Toddler years there are many different skills that are developing as well as strengthening. These skills range widely from language/vocabulary to large muscle development and will vary considerably based on the particular age of a toddler. It is our goal to ensure that every child is given the patience, tools and opportunities to successfully master each and every one of these skills.

We offer positive interactions along with ample opportunity to explore and discover, naturally enhancing a toddler’s development. We offer a structured routine in our toddler classrooms with the understanding that a toddler’s interests as well as attention span can determine the day’s events. We are constantly encouraging the use of words and expression.

Learning is taking place throughout the entire day with children. In addition to the natural experiences taking place, toddlers are also exposed to teacher directed and hands on sensory exploration, dramatic play, and free art experiences. We also initiate circle times that are fun and engaging. Circle times include singing, dancing, and reading stories.

As the older toddlers prepare to enter one of our Preschool classrooms, a more structured circle time is offered for that age group. This includes a simple introduction to the calendar, weather chart, and certain tools that are staples in our Preschool program. We do work specifically with this older toddler group on things such as slowly increasing attention spans, socialization, and self help skills. In addition, we also work toward encouraging more independence. This focus will pave the way to a successful Preschool journey for your child.

*Day and Night Daycare has an open door policy. A parent is welcome to visit or call the center at anytime. If required, a conference with a child’s teacher can be scheduled through the Director.